Pool of Dreams

I wrote a poem from way back October 13, last year. After ten months, I looked it up again. Because I was bothered by my thoughts, I tried to edit it.

However, I realized that the edited version appears to be a response to the earlier version, which is probably the result of a change of mind.

The earlier version appears like this...

I want a life of simplicity
Of peace and felicity
Away from complexity
And webs of intricacy

But I'm competitive
I won't settle with
Good, old mediocrity
Just to be happy

A person of irony
That's who I am
A guy so lazy
But can be so dreamy

I'm now a cpa lawyer
But wishes to be
A singer-songwriter
A mayor, a governor

A prolific writer
A bodybuilder
What else could I be?
Oh an impressionist painter

I have so many dreams
But nowhere to begin
While I love swimming
In a pool of dreams, I'm drowning

And this is the new version...

I live a life of simplicity
Of peace and felicity
Away from complexity
And webs of intricacy

Everything in harmony
Happy as a busy bee
Moments so blissful
Life is so beautiful

But don’t you think?
That that’s kind of boring
With not much happening
You need a change, a tweak

For life’s too short to spend it all
On a sole vocation
I firmly do believe
That when one has passion

He has to pursue it
No matter how many
For what matters of all
One is truly happy

You kinda convince me
Now I do agree
Don’t want to settle down
And drink a mere tea

Something has to happen now

Something has to happen now!

I'm now a lawyer
But still wishes to be
A songwriter
College professor

Prolific writer
What else could I be?
An impressionist painter

I dream of many dreams
And excited to begin
I do love swimming
In a pool of dreams, I'm gliding


  1. Sometimes I want to be an astronomer,
    Sometimes a lone traveller,
    Sometimes a scientist,
    Sometimes a therapist,
    Sometimes a storyteller.
    I found out that
    These dreams don't cease
    They just add up in numbers.
    Sometimes I want to be an author
    A writer who write things that are soulful
    Yet I found myself at this four-cornered room
    Holding a worksheet and calculator.
    Today I dream to be a CPA lawyer
    Who, at the same time,
    Writes stories, prose and poetries.
    Because I found out that
    These dreams don't cease,
    They just add up in numbers.

    -Caryn Lofrandado (BSA 1-A)

    1. Dreams don't cease and decay,
      Dreams really do come true,
      But sometimes it isn't the dream we pray,
      And sometimes it's something we have to pursue.

      Taking the course I never planned to take,
      Carrying a pack I never planned to carry,
      Heavily breathing with every step I make,
      Just to enter a room to my dream's contrary.

      While lost inside that same room,
      I'm wondering with my calculator,
      Who happens to know my doom,
      And at the same time my savior.

      I could've been writing a story instead of numbers,
      Flexing my brain to think of a twist,
      But inside that room I'm avoiding letters,
      As if its existence belongs to a blacklist

      It's such a pain restraining my own,
      Of the things I want to accomplish,
      Like being stuck between a wall and a stone,
      As if I'm going to get demolished.

      Nevertheless, dreams add up in numbers,
      That's something I've learned from you,
      And numbers must combine with letters,
      If we want our dreams to come true.

      Arjay Bejer (BSA 1-A)

    2. Very beautiful poems you two made. Yes, dreams just add up. We can do all. Nice! :)


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